Ask the artist Vol. 4: Olivia Scott

Olivia Scott who lives in Los Angeles is from Chicago, IL. She started modeling in high school while simultaneously taking acting classes downtown. When Olivia moved to LA she started acting in student films, her brother dubbed her the “Queen of Student Films”, she has since retired that title.

Olivia fell into fit modeling and has been busy working for Tommy Bahamas Swim and F4M brands. When not auditioning, she is working on finishing writing her first comedy pilot script. Olivia hopes to start producing soon, she would love to add “Film Producer” to her credits.

How do you prepare for a theatrical audition? (Can be how do you break down the scene, cultivate the character, etc;) 

Everyone has a different process for auditions, of course YOU need to find what works best for you. There may be trial and error when figuring out how best to prepare yourself for an audition. First, do your homework, what type of show is it, what genre, watch an episode from that show and get a feel for it and how the actors act on it. I am a fan of memorizing all of my lines, then figuring out my character, how she walks/talks/ etc., some people do that “work” first then the line memorization. I always read my lines out loud with someone before doing it live at an audition/or before taping. If it’s a big show and you are able to, it’s good to get the audition coached, athletes have coaches, I think actors should too. And do what it takes for you to feel super confident going into the audition.

Any self-taping do’s or don’ts? 

Do’s: Great lighting, clear sound, a solid reader, confidence, dressing for the role, memorized lines, read the directions from the casting director, slate how that specific audition wants you to slate, have a plain wall behind you (If you can get a blue or grey back drop, that is ideal).

Don’ts: pretty much the opposite of all of the Do’s.

What’s your favorite job you’ve ever worked on?

A few years ago I shot an indie film with some close friends and it felt like summer camp. Doing what you love with people you love is definitely one of the best feelings ever, so many laughs were shared, and definitely memories I will cherish forever.

How do you handle nerves or stage fright? 

Breathing. Nervous energy is essentially excess energy that might not be serving you in that moment/excess energy that is simply misplaced. Reframe your thoughts, focus on your breathe, maybe have a mantra you can say in your head, ground your feet, and believe in yourself- you need to believe in yourself more than anyone else (talk yourself up, do what you have to get in the correct mindset).

How do you prepare for a modeling go-see?

Items to have in your bag: different bra’s (one skin-toned, one lighter/darker), wear skin-toned underwear, heels, a pony tale ready to go, your comp card (it’s dying out but in the meantime- bring it), your book (on an iPad is kind of the norm now), and I always have a lint roller (I have two cats so it is very necessary).

The night before: drink lots of water, try to stay away from sodium (bloats the face), maybe try jade rolling your skin in the morning. Don’t overdo your make-up and hair BUT dress for the client. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t just show up to a casting and not know anything about that brand, googling the brand can inform you for posing, hair, makeup, give you potential talking points. If you are new to modeling, know your poses, on some go-sees you have to do a test shoot, know the difference between e-commerce poses and high fashion posing. Make sure you have your walk down if it’s for runway- know how to walk in heels, a pretty face doesn’t get you work.

Any tips for an awesome photo shoot?!

Get tons of sleep the night before, maybe do a face mask the night before, show up with clean skin (preferably no makeup on), I always bring a skin toned bra and a darker one, so if you’re darker skinned then bring a lighter bra also.

Maybe put your favorite jams on on the way to the shoot, I usually throw on some 70’s music! Know that you booked the job, so you’re worthy of being there and you’re pretty frickin’ awesome for booking it too because lord knows that the odds are against you. So have fun! Photo’s always turn out better when the model is having fun.

Try and connect with the photographer and be open to feedback, feedback doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong, maybe they just want to try something different. Most importantly – HAVE FUN BABY.

What’s the best piece of career or life advice you’ve ever received?

This is a hard one. I don’t think anyone has ever said one thing that has just turned my world upside down but I think there has been several things said over the years that have helped. When it comes to career always remember- it is a marathon not a sprint. Most people move to LA to pursue acting and end up leaving, and not because they failed but because maybe they realized that it wasn’t for them. But if you stay- stay for a purpose, make it worth it.

Living in LA I always think of this (it’s applicable to other places as well too) but, how lucky am I to be able to be in LA pursuing something that thousands of people wish they could be doing? It helps to be super grateful for every audition/learning opportunity that comes your way because someone else somewhere else I’m sure wishes they could be in your shoes, don’t take it for granted, and go ALL OUT.

Also – since you have some experience with casting, do you have any advice for how actors could approach an audition from a casting perspective?

Casting says this all the time but it couldn’t be more true- they want you to kill the audition. They want you to walk in and rock it, then they found the perfect person! Win, win for both parties. Do what you have to do to get centered and be the confident bad a** that you are. I am pretty much always off book at the first audition, but I also always have the script on me, if nerves get to you the last thing you want is to be standing in a room with everyone starring at you and you not knowing your lines.

Know who you are auditioning for, know the casting director’s name, assistants, and all of the information for the tv show/movie/etc. you are auditioning for. You want to be a prepared actor. If it is your first time auditioning for a casting director know they might have favorite actors already so yes of course it would be great to book, BUT try and win the room- you want that casting director to call you back.

Oh and lastly, don’t be too chatty- they have stuff to do, be friendly, and kill the audition, they don’t care what you had for breakfast or that parking was a hassle. Come in the room, be polite, kick-butt, thank them for their time, then leave.

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