Celesta DeAstis

Featured on:

General Hospital
Break up Nightmare
How to Get Away with Murder
2 Broke Girls
Ladies of the Lake
The Goldberg’s

More About Celesta DeAstis

Celesta DeAstis was born on March 15, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois,  USA. She is an actress, known for General Hospital, Break-Up  Nightmare and How to Get Away with Murder

Celesta De Astis is an energetic and experienced young actress of  Italian descent. Celesta has played characters from various cultural backgrounds including Spanish, Arabic, and Jewish. Her resume  boasts several commercials and documentaries for HBO and Nintendo, among others. She has done several modeling and print  jobs including an appearance in a Sprite Christmas Campaign.

Some of her television credits include A.N.T. Farm, Melissa & Joey,  Ladies of the Lake, Grandfathered, 2 Broke Girls, Casual, Adam Ruins Everything, LA to Vegas, Alone Together, and General Hospital.

Celesta DeAstis Highlights

break-up nightmare
2 broke girls
the goldbergs
how to get away with murder
la to vegas

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