Chris Brochu

Featured on:

Tell me a Story
Soul Surfer
Lemonade Mouth
Solar Flare
Major Crimes
Vampire Diaries
Dawn Patrol
I’ll Remember
NCSI Los Angeles
Once Upon a Date

More About Chris Brochu

Chris Brochu born June 25, 1989, is an actor and singer-songwriter.  He is best known as Luke Parker in The Vampire Diaries

His feature film credits include Soul Surfer, Recon, Dawn Patrol, Baja  and Solar Flare. 

His other television credits include The Rookie, Dynasty, The  Magicians, Notorious, Shameless, Major Crimes, CSI: NY, Hannah  Montana, Melissa & Joey, and many other shows!  He is well known for playing Ray in the popular Disney Channel  Original Movie Lemonade Mouth.

Chris Brochu Highlights

the vampire diaries
dawn patrol
major crimes
the magicians
soul surfer

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