Jillian Nelson

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Just Go With It
The Office
Just Go With It
The Office
Desperate Housewives
Law & Order
The Middle
The Mindy Project

More About Jillian Nelson

Jillian is from Lake Chelan, Washington and has been on a steady rise  since she was discovered. She’s represented by Henderson Represents, Inc. (HRI) and managed by the prestigious Luber Rocklin  Entertainment. 

You might recognize Jillian from a commercial for Jack-In-The-Box, or  perhaps even one of her guest starring roles in popular TV series like  Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Forgotten, Criminal Minds, Zoey 101, The  Colbert Report, Disney’s Pair of Kings, and Desperate Housewives

Jillian has also appeared in the films Food Of The Gods, Just Go For  It, Smosh: The Move, Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, and the hilarious short film OMG! Wrong Party. Jillian’s other television credits include: You’re the Worst, 10 Year  Reunion, Flaked, Separated, Not So Union, Switched at Birth, The  Mindy Project, Bones, and The Middle.

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the end
the mindy project
blast vegas
just go with it
desperate housewives

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