This is how you can practice your craft at Home: Modeling Edition

Value Vitality / Getty Images

The work always continues outside of the classroom. The more time you’re willing to dedicate to your craft, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself to achieve success in your career. 

As the saying goes… “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” 

Actors, models, singers and dancers — we want you all to be extremely lucky, so start working hard! Even if you dedicate an extra 30 min a day to study your craft…. That’s almost 11,000 minutes by the end of the year! Imagine all that you could learn to leverage your career in 11,000 minutes?? 

Below are some fun resources to expand your skill set right now!

Are there things you’re currently doing at home that have helped your career? We’d love to hear about them! 


Study how the models walk and move. See how their behavior and vibe changes for different shows. How a model walks for a Betsy Johnson fashion show will be completely different than how they walk in a Chanel show. Then practice your own walk at home!

If you don’t already have a full-length mirror, you can purchase an inexpensive one online. It’s very helpful for you to notice your movements and improve upon them. Have fun discovering your signature walk!

Pretend like you’re walking in shows for different designers. If it’s a Betsy Johnson show, put on fun, upbeat music, wear a quirky outfit and strut. If it’s a fashion show for Chanel, pick out music and an outfit accordingly. Below is a link to a Tommy Hilfiger show, but the site contains shows from many prolific designers. 

You can watch a ton of different shows here.


Whether it be for a photo shoot, or a go-see, models are required to understand how to pose.

It’s important to learn what angles work best for your face and your body.

Flip through some of your favorite magazines and study what captivates you about certain models and replicate them yourself. Be aware of what works best for you and hone in on it! 

Photo source: Vogue Australia


Notice how models pose with different products or how they show off the clothing they’re wearing. How does a sunglass ad differ from a sportswear ad?

Study how the models feature the products they’re modeling. Many models use movement in clothing ads, they understand how movement creates a more dynamic photograph. Find interesting products around your house, or fun clothing you own, and work on different poses in the mirror. Throw on some music and move with the clothing.

Think of all the different ways you can pose to show off the product. Practicing in the mirror at home will help you immensely by the time you book a job and get on set. It will be exhilarating, and potentially stressful, once you arrive on set and all eyes are on you and you’re expected to take direction quickly.

Practicing allows you to be prepared for whatever modeling curveballs are thrown your way! 

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