6 Things Wrong With Your Current Reel Footage

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Since we truly believe that your reel material can make or break the opportunities you get…

(That agent saying YES to meeting with you, that casting director inviting you to audition…)

I wanted to highlight some of “don’ts” when it comes to your reel material.

Problem 1.) You’re using professional footage from a project you got cast in… but it does nothing to show off what you’re capable of as an actor. 

Problem 2.) You have your comedy and drama footage rolled up into one reel. If I’m a casting director for Chicago Med, I don’t want to have to scrub through a minute of comedy footage to find the footage that’s applicable to the show I’m casting. 

Problem 3.) Your scenes are wayyyy too long and do not feature the “meat” of the scene… the part that really shows off your skill set. 

❌ Problem 4.) It’s not specific material that’s aligned with your unique castability…  it’s maybe footage that’s even a tad “vanilla and bland” 

Problem 5.) All of your footage features monologues… but you really need footage showcasing a scene. Look, if it’s a good monologue, that’s better than nothing! Good acting is good acting! But we audition with scenes… why not give casting directors exactly that. 

❌ Problem 6.) Problem 6.) You don’t have any reel footage – your reel material is the “evidence” you need to showcase your acting ability. 

Before you get frustrated because you’re not getting auditions… 

Really ask yourself… 

✨ Is my reel footage showcasing my strengths as an actor? 

✨ Is it showcasing my castability and who I am as a storyteller? 

Your reel material is in YOUR CONTROL. 

What can you do to make it the best it can possibly be? 

 ❌ DISCLAIMER ❌ If you don’t have reel material yet – don’t even think about submitting your materials for representation. Just don’t.

You sometimes get one opportunity to make an introduction.

⚡️ Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success and sending a professional package that declares who you are as a storyteller and shines with your current castability.

Also – this past week an actor told me the reason they hadn’t filmed any reel material yet is that they truly just didn’t know what the heck to film.

They didn’t want to film something that wasn’t going to serve them and then have to pay to put it on their casting profile.

You sometimes get one opportunity to make an introduction.

I know it can seem like A LOT when you’re getting started in this industry. But one step at a time. Small actions still get you where you’re going faster than no action does. You got this.