Dwayne Murphy Jr.

Dwayne Murphy Jr. is a professional comedian, actor and producer. He had been active in the entertainment industry since 2008 when he began doing standup comedy as a senior high school. From there he enrolled in the East Carolina School of Theatre & Dance for 2 years. After school, he set out to work on his own doing standup. Before long he was working in the college circuit until he became a regular of The Comedy Works in Albany NY. After that, he took his talents to New York City to study with the Upright Citizens Brigade and continued his education in Chicago with The Second City.

Dwayne has performed in a number of comedy festivals and toured with major acts all over the country. He now produces his own podcast on Spotify and YouTube. And films online commercials for local businesses through his company Alien Baby Productions. After 14 years in entertainment, he says his passion has always been to bring joy to his audiences and he hopes to continue doing so for a long time.